FILM "12 TANGOS" & HANSEN MILONGA - Sep 20th- Manhattan!!!!

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“12 Tangos” In "La Catedral", a 200-year-old granary in Buenos Aires, some of the town's best dancers join for the weekly tango ball. The film narrates the history of these dancers and their ancestors in 12 tangos, including feelings of failed hope, crisis, immigration and emigration. The past, the present and the future of the protagonists also reflect the history of the tango itself, and give an accurate impression of present-day Buenos Aires. For the documentary feature "12 Tangos", Arne Birkenstock and his Musical Director Luis Borda have assembled a true Argentine Tango all-star orchestra with Juan José Libertella, Jorge Sobral, Julio Pane, Lidia Borda, Luis Borda and many more.



at Dardo Galletto Studios

Special Tango Film & Milonga social dance

Saturday September 20th.

8pm to 9:30pm: TANGO MOVIE

(with English Subtitles)

9:30pm- 1am: HANSEN MILONGA

There will be wine and empanadas.

Adm: $15

DJ/VJ: Poteño Crónico

“Dardo Galletto Studios” 151 West 46th Street, 11th floor, New York

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