Join us one more time time for another exciting night with a Tango movie & Milonga Hansen! at Dardo Galletto Studios. Special Tango Film & Milonga social dance Saturday June 21th. 8pm to 9:30pm: TANGO MOVIE: "The Last Applause" with English Subtitles 9:30pm- 1am: HANSEN MILONGA There will be wine and empanadas. Adm: $15 Hosted by: Azul & Karina DJ/VJ: Poteño Crónico “Dardo Galletto Studios” 151 West 46th Street, 11th floor, New York EL ÚLTIMO APLAUSO, The last Applause. The Last Applause tells the story of a group of singers of tango in Buenos Aires who used to play in one of the most famous tango bars of the city, the "Bar El Chino". In 2001, the bar owner died mysteriously. A couple of weeks later, the place was in ruins and the legendary singers of "El Chino" began to fall into oblivion. The Last Applause follows the path of these forgotten tango singers. But mostly, it's the story of the fight for a dream: that of artists who just want to sing again in public, even for the last time, and receive his last applause. Because life is a tango. SEE THE TRAILER: http://www.azultangoargentino.com/#!untitled/c1ksa www.dardogallettostudios.com www.azultangoargentino.com

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